The Lightning Kits 

Helping you Build the Aircraft of your dreams.

Lightning XS Kit

  • The XS Kit is all about choices.  Our new airframe kit gives you the option of choosing your firewall forward (FWF) package from three currently available. This gives you the opportunity to create the aircraft you have always dreamed of! 

  • XS Kit Standard Equipment:
    Spring Steel Gear
    Removable Fuel Tanks
    Short Upswept Wingtips
    ​MK II Tails
    Redesigned Lower Gear Assembly

  1. XS Kit FWF (firewall forward) Packages:
    1. Lycoming 0-320
    2. UL 390
    3. Jabiru 3300

 Lightning Classic Kit

  • The Classic Kit contains everything you need except an engine, propeller, avionics, interior and paint.  You can build this kit to go fast or be Light Sport compliant by choosing the appropriate options.  If you already know you want the Jabiru engine, this is the way to go!

    Classic Kit Standard Equipment:
    Aluminum Gear
    Removable Fuel Tanks
    Bullet Wingtips
    MK II Tails
    Jabiru FWF Package
    ​25º Electric Flaps

    ​​All Lightning Kits and Kit Components:

    - Main airframe components are vacuum infused, oven cured fiberglass, giving a more consistent parts quality than standard wet lay up structures. Vinyl-ester resin used through out for a high 220 degree thermal deformation temperature.

    - Simple fiberglass lay-ups are required for items such as canopy frame, rear windows, wing tips, NACA scoops, etc.

    ​- Parts such as the spar box and rudder pedals are pre-welded and powder coated to insure a good fit. Other parts are fabricated by the builder from 6061-T6 aluminum stock. Build time approx. 550 hrs without paint, avionics or firewall forward.

  How much will your Lightning cost?

 The Classic kit is $39,900. The XS kit is $36,900. 

The Jabiru engine cost is $19,900, the UL 390 is roughly $30,200 and the Lycoming cost depends
on whether you want new or used. After that it depends on paint, avionics, interior, and other items you
may want to add.

A builder at home can finish one for $75,000.

Built at our build center will cost in the $105,000 range.

 Lightning LS-1  


Factory Built Light Sport Aircraft Base Price $119,900.00

 Standard Airframe Equipment:

 40 gallon fuel tanks, dual brakes, 

 navigation/strobe lights, electric flaps,

 electric elevator trim, cabin heat, vinyl

 interior, adjustable rudder pedals, pilot

 side boarding step, carpeted baggage

 area, Sensenich wood propeller and

 polished aluminum spinner.

 Standard Instrument Panel:

 GRT single screen 8.4" Sport SX EFIS

 w/synthetic vision, GRT EIS 6000J

 engine monitor, Garmin SL-40 radio,

 Garmin GTX-327 transponder,

 PM1000ll intercom, 406 MHz ELT,

 2-1/4" airspeed indicator,12v power

 port. Optional equipment available.

 What does the 3rd class medical exemption mean for the Lightning?  It means you don't have to wait around for the FAA to pass it. If you don't have a medical, then build your Lightning to LSA standards of 120 kts and get flying now.
When the exemption passes, set the ground adjustable prop to take full advantage of
the 130 kts-140 kts capability and 5 gallon of fuel per hour of the Lightning powered by
Jabiru 3300.

UL 390