Frequently Asked Questions:

I currently have a GA Aircraft, and need to sell it, do you have any recommendations?

We have partnered with Aviators Hotline, and they are offering FREE advertising to those trying to sell their GA aircraft and transition to LSA. To qualify, you must put down a deposit or sign a contract with one of our program members. Aviators Hot Line will design your ad free of charge. Your 1/4 page, full color ad will run in our publication for a period of 1 year ABSOLUTELY FREE! Your plane will be fully searchable at immediately.

Where are you Located?
We are located Northwest of Tucson, in the Marana area. Our build center is on forty acres with a 2,880' x 60' private packed clay airstrip, and surrounded by the 190,000 acre Ironwood preserve.

What are you currently building or what air show will you be at next?
​We have a list of up coming events listed under the Events/Blog tab.

 If I need Flight Training or Certifications, do you offer this?
We have a preferred Lightning Aircraft instructor. HL Cooper, conducts Demo Flights, Flight Instructions, Bi-annual Flight Reviews, and other Sport Pilot Flight Training. For more information click here.

How many Lightnings are flying?
At last count there are over 115 Lightnings flying world wide, with over 10,000 hours on the fleet.

Does the Lightning EAB meet the 51% rule?

Yes, the Lightning kit meets the 51% rule.  Although not on the 51% list yet, the kit complies with the intent and scope of the rule.  If a kit is not on the list, it is up to the builder to prove that they have done the work. each of the over 90 flying EAB Lightnings have been individually checked for compliance with the 51% rule, with none having any issues.

What does the 3rd class medical exemption mean for the Lightning?
It means you don't have to wait around for the FAA to pass it. If you don't have a medical, then build your Lightning to LSA standards of 120 kts and get flying now.  When the exemption passes, set the ground adjustable prop to take full advantage of  the 130 kts-140 kts capability and 5 gallon of fuel per hour of the Lightning powered by Jabiru 3300

Lightning Aircraft West is a Subsidiary of Geronimo Experimental Aircraft LLC
18750 W. Avra Valley Road, Marana, Arizona 85653 (Tucson Area)
Greg Hobbs (520) 405-6868 * Crystal Hobbs (520)603-1654