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    Greg and Crystal Hobbs, owners of Lightning Aircraft West, not only have experience in the industry, but have played a large role in the

 development of the first Lightning Aircraft. Greg assisted in building the first 4 Lightning Aircraft in Shelbyville, TN. Their Lightning was the

 first to carry a passenger, with Crystal by his side; she currently has the most hours as a passenger in a Lightning. 

    This Duo team, along with their extended team, has worked with over 38 builders to achieve these builders’ goals of building their own 

 Lightning Aircraft. An in-house building experience that includes avionics, painting, body work, assembly, test flights, transition training,

 and interior installation, all of which are done on site with a 15 step commute to your project from your private room.

     Their build center is not only functional, but comfortable; surrounded by a unique desert setting situated next to the western mountains of Avra

 Valley where saguarocactusgrow and there is a magnificent mountain sunset each night.  Three healthy meals are provided each day in an adult

 family setting to help you  be at your "peak" during your build. 

We not only help you build a dream aircraft, we help you build a better YOU.

Lightning Aircraft West is a Subsidiary of Geronimo Experimental Aircraft LLC
18750 W. Avra Valley Road,  Marana, Arizona 85653  (Tucson Area) Greg Hobbs (520) 405-6868     ***     Crystal Hobbs (520)603-1654