The idea was to design an aircraft that

 would look great and offer outstanding

 performance and value to its owners.

  These Four Goals Emerged:

 1. Generous margins for safety and strength

 2. Simplicity of systems for easy construction

 3. High performance per HP

 4. Excellent flying qualities

Lightning Aircraft West is a Subsidiary of Geronimo Experimental Aircraft LLC

18750 W. Avra Valley Road, Marana, Arizona 85653 (Tucson Area)
Greg Hobbs (520) 405-6868 * Crystal Hobbs (520)603-1654

 The Lightning XS Kit and the Classic Kit set new marks in the industry for strength, handling, and value. The Lightning aircraft was designed

 to be tough and strong while maintaining stable and responsive flight characteristics. The Classic Kit is designed for an easy construction, for

 you to build it to be Light Sport compliant or to go fast by choosing the appropriate options.

 The Lightning amateur built airplane with the 120 hp Jabiru engine cruises at 130 kts, burning 5 gallons per hour. Solo climb rates settle in at
 1200 fpm. Roll rates exceed 90 degrees/second. Top speed is 150 kts.

 Take off is simple with a conventional rudder and toe brakes. After about 600 feet loaded up, the Lightning is climbing easily in excess of 1000
 FPM. In the air, the Lightning is lighter and more responsive than most GA aircraft, but solid on the controls. The crisp handling comes from an
 all push rod control system through sticks for each pilot, not control wheels. Although solid and stable, this bird will move when you want and
 where you want with the easiest of control movements.

 When you are ready to land, you will experience slow stable approach speeds well under other aircraft in its class. Is 52 kts over the fence slow
 enough for you?

 Lightning is manufactured in Wisconsin and Tennessee under strict quality control guidelines. Both kits and Light Sport aircraft passed rigorous

 testing programs with generous margins of safety.

Lightning Aircraft West       Designed and built in the USA